Hi and welcome! I'm Zac, owner of Sunstate Air and I would like to thank you for visiting our website! You have finally reached an honest air conditioning company you can always trust and rely on no matter what the situation. At Sunstate Air we believe that you, (our customers), are everything and without you we would be nothing! It's something that's easy for any company to say, but it must be shown through actions, not words. Give us a call today to find out for yourself. Our goal is to leave you with confidence, and certainty that you are in good hands. Take a look around and feel free to call if you have any questions whatsoever!

  Don't forget we offer free estimates and second opinions! Often times we hear the same old story of some company leading a customer to believe their system is completely shot, broken down, or outdated. Sometimes they're right and many times the technician is there as a highly skilled salesman with minimal technical skills, to sell you a new unit regardless of your needs. Don't ever make a decision until you get a second or even third opinion. We encourage our customers to shop around to be sure they're making a decision that's best for them not what's best for the "tech's" commission rate.

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